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2017 Program Invitations

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Village (age 11)

Started in 1951, this is CISV’s flagship program. Delegates to this multilingual/muliticultural camp participate in a variety of activities designed to build a true community of caring individuals. Children from 10 to 12 countries participate. For each village delegation, we need 2 girls, 2 boys and an adult leader.

V-2017-014 to Quito, Ecuador, from July 21 to August 17, 2017

V-2017-022 to Koln, Germany, from July 21 to August 17, 2017

Interchange (age 12 or 13)

The only family-based CISV program, Interchange encourages a deeper encounter between two cultures. Taking place in two phases, one delegation is hosted by local families, and then, the local delegation is hosted by the foreign delegation in their country. During the two weeks, there is family time, group activities, and mini-camp. We need 3 girls, 3 boys, and an adult leader.

I-2017-026 to Lyon, France, June 29 to July 14 (host), July 18 to August 2, 2017 (travel) TENTATIVE

Step Up (age 14 or 15)

Aimed at young teens, Step Up encourages delegations to take leadership roles. Participants plan activities that support the camp’s educational theme. We need 2 girls, 2 boys, and an adult leader for each program.

AGE 14 C-2017-040 to Detroit, Michigan, July 7 to July 29, 2017

AGE 15 C-2017-033 to Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland,  July 7 through July 29

Junior Counselor (age 16 or 17, male)

Junior Counselors support the Village program. They serve as a liaison between the adult leaders and the delegates. JC travels on own.

V-2017-021 to Hamburg, Germany, from July 28 to August 24, 2017

Youth Meeting (age 16-18, male or female)

These 8 or 15 day camps feature individual themes that allow young people to explore intercultural issues. The program reinforces core CISV values, builds leadership, and organizational skills. Delegate travels on own.

Y-2017-050 to Denver, Colorado, from July 16 to 30, 2017

Y-2017-003 to Graz, Austria, from December 27, 2017, to January 3, 2018

Seminar (age 17 or 18, female)

These camps feature individual themes that allow young people to explore intercultural issues. The program reinforces core CISV values, builds leadership and organizational skill, while promoting continued CISV involvement. Delegate travels on own.

S-2017-020 to Dallas, Texas, from July 15 to August 4, 2017

Applications due January 1, 2017. Go to our Applications page to download an application.


Summer 2016


Thank you to everyone that made our Step Up program a huge success!





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