Program Fees


CISV is a non-profit, volunteer organization. The only fee that is collected is one to offset administrative costs associated with the programs such as: Insurance, leadership training and paperwork. The total cost of hosting the programs is born by the chapter holding the program.

Note: CISV Springfield’s fees are subject to change based on fees established by the International governing body, CISV International. Check with a chapter representative to be sure of current costs.

2015-16 Fees:

Village                                      $1,600
Interchange                                 $1,300
Junior Councilor                     $  1,800
Seminar Camp                        $1,800
Step-Up Camp                        $1,600
Youth Meeting (8 day)               $750 (Individual)
Youth Meeting (8 day)               $750 (6-person delegation)
Youth Meeting (15 day)             $1,200 (Individual)
Youth Meeting (15 day)             $950 (6-person delegation)
IPP     (21 day)                          $1,000
IPP     (16 day)                          $650

Additionally all families must be members of CISV Springfield and there is a $50 membership fee to join our chapter.
Delegates that are traveling

The following is an example of the costs that would be expected for a Village Delegate. Travel costs are variable and depend on the program location. It generally costs less to travel domestically than it does overseas. Some programs: Village and Step Up Camp, divide the leaders airfare among the delegates. A typical breakdown of costs for a program that includes an adult leader (i.e. village, interchange and summer camp) is shown below:

*** Example of the expected Village delegate programs costs:

Program Fee                                      $1,600
Family Membership Fee               $     50
Child’s Airfare to destination       $  650  (example only)
1/4 Leaders Airfare $650/4        $   162.50

Total (example fee)                       $2,462.50

Typically parents are allowed to send their children with up to $200 spending money.

There are also some incidental expenditures that arise in preparation for the delegation to travel (Passports, if required, Gifts for host family, t-shirts to trade with other campers etc)

Scholarship Opportunities: CISV Springfield has created a scholarship fund that is to be awarded on a needs basis. If you would like to learn more, talk to any board member. Scholarship applications are available on the ‘Application’ drop down menu and are accepted after the selection process is done.