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Since 1951, CISV has been offering a range of local activities, International camps, family-hosted exchanges and community-based projects. These are known as our ‘Programmes’ and are organised by our volunteers for young people and adults from over 60 countries.

Village     for 11 year olds

The foundation for global friendship

The Village is a unique four-week international camp that was the  original CISV programme and is still its flagship.

Delegates to this multilingual and multicultural experience participate in a mix of educational, cultural and sporting activities, which emphasise cooperative global and intercultural living.  read more…


Age 11
Duration 28 Days
Size of group Delegations come from 10 or 12 countries and are comprised of 4 youths, equally divided between girls and boys, who are accompanied by an adult Leader (age 21+).  The camp is coordinated by an adult staff.

Interchange     for 12-14 yr. olds 

Building intercultural competence

 While based on the same educational principles as CISV’s camp based programmes, Interchange encourages a deeper encounter between two cultures by placing young people within families.

Group activities such as a mini-camp are vital in complementing the intense in-depth family experience.  Interchange takes place in two phases with one delegation visiting another […]  read more    


Step Up (formerly Summer Camp):

Building leadership skills

Aimed at young teens, the Summer Camp encourages participants to take responsibility for leadership and programme planning. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme. Participants work together to plan activities and discussions which build on the chosen theme. read more

Seminar Camp: 

A dialogue for Global friendship

This personally challenging, intensive programme is facilitated by participants.  Participants develop their own themes and agenda to explore issues and form opinions about individual, international and multicultural matters, within a framework which stresses positive conflict resolution.  Seminar Camp fosters interest in the world as a whole and develops a sense of responsibility for its peaceful survival.   read more


Local communities are microcosms of the global context. CISV’s local programmes use the same principles as its international programmes to connect people in a meaningful way with their local communities. Mosaic is a project based programme which empowers individuals and chapters to be agents of change, reach out, and involve as many people as possible. Read more…

Age All ages
Duration Up to one year
Size of group No limits

Leaders:   are needed for village, Interchange and Summer Camps


For Educators and NGO’s read more…


12 PRINCIPLES of CISV  from Dr. Doris Allen, Founder of CISV